Welcome to our homestead

Rob & Kate Boyer and our 5 children, Will (17), Mary (15), Elizabeth (13), Lillian (10) & Harold (7).

Before beginning our journey in hobby farming, we had several entrepreneurial adventures.  For 25 years, we owned a manufacturing business as a tier-one supplier with our products going directly to Harley Davidson, for 8 years we owned two children’s retails stores (Village Wardrobe) in Homer & Monticello, 2 years of Black Dog Security business (installing camera security systems), and 8 years on Homer Soda Company (the retail store in Homer, a nation-wide wholesale distribution network & I organized Homer Soda Festival for five years).

Now we have entered into a new kind of adventure!  We decided to slow down and sold it all and moved to a couple of acres in the country.  We are in the phase of “launching” our children and helping our kids get started on their own lives!

We have always homeschooled, but as a part of this new life, our kids are learning new skills like how to milk cows, care for pigs & chickens, clean & organize houses, change the oil on cars, babysit, cook, bake, and learn the life skills that will help them in the future.  

Let the new journey begin…

*** video project by the Boyer Girls ***