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This week on the homestead

We have many spring projects in the works, here’s a preview of our week!


The seeds that I planted last month are doing quite well, even the Lavender & Rosemary are popping up!  I have a couple hundred plants started and I hope to sell a few of them to recoup my startup cost of the project (shelves, warming mats, lights, etc).

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We have 10 eggs that we are incubating!  They are on day 15 of 21.  Thursday, we will stop turning the eggs and we hope to have some hatching on Sunday!


The chicken coop and run were made in haste last July so that we could get started with our chickens asap.  The issue is that the chickens fly right over the run and proceed to go where ever they darn well please!  They go across the road (where they eat the neighbors plants), forage in the fields (when they plant seed corn next month, that would be fatal), and they are very vulnerable to the passing hawks or owls.  Not to mention that if they have access to the entire property, they will destroy the garden.  All this to say that we plan on fully enclosing the run and protecting the top with bird netting.  This needs to be done in the next 2 weeks because I need to be planting broccoli & onions NOW!  Here are some shots of the coop (made from a yard barn divided so the back side is storage for food) and their current set up.


The UGLY shed!  This shed is a hot mess!  An animal dug under it and created a huge crater under the “floor”.  The floor is just pallets on the dirt with plywood on top.  It was used to house dogs at some time and chickens at another time, so the smell is less than desired. Right now, it’s a mess of stuff that we want to protect from the rain.  The plan is to move my woodworking tools to this shed and it will be a great place!  But we can’t agree on what to do with the floor…

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Breakfast this morning was french toast & from home baked bread and our hard boiled eggs, look at the color and size of those yolks!  So satisfying!  Makes all the work worth it!



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