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The last week of Spring!

This spring has FLOWN by!  Although I haven’t had a chance to post our progress, I have taken dozens of pictures along the way!  Here is an update on our projects!

Seed Starting:

had several plants that did fantastically and they are now flourishing outside!

What we learned: I started WAY too late and they were far too small to put outside when I should be planting them in the garden!  I also had a critter (a kitty or a mouse) in the basement who nibbled away at least a dozen little seedlings, causing them to die.  Although I still transferred my tomatoes, basil, lettuce, & lavender outside, I also took advantage of a plant super sale and scored some 6″ plants for $.99-$1.99 and planted those as well in the case that mine just withers away!  Next time, I will start them January 1st, put some kind of protection around them in the basement and I think that will be much more successful!

The garden is growing great now, and Libby waters it every morning!


Hatching Eggs:

We successfully hatched 4 of our 10 eggs!  2 of them are still living.  1 of them is a hen.

What we learned: Purchase a higher quality temperature & humidity gage!  The first two hatched out fine, but they weren’t getting quite dry enough so we took them out.  The very act of opening the box changed the humidity to be too low, so the next two barely lived and the others never hatched.  Very sad!  We lost two more due to our own stupidity!  They were in the brooder and one of the kids didn’t notice that one of them had jumped out when the door was open (we had 15 meat birds in there with them, so there were a lot to count, and easy to miss one).  The next day, we found her remains under the brooder in the barn.  We also lost one during a thunderstorm because she didn’t make it back into the safety of the hen house and someone ate her that night.  The remaining two are a rooster and a hen.  These chicks were hatched on April 2nd and we received 15-day old meat birds on April 19th, so we have been raising them all together in the brooder and now in the meat bird pen.  We have tried to integrate them into our layer flock, but they get picked on quite badly, so we are continuing to house them with the meaties.  Even though they are 3 weeks older, they are SO much smaller than the meat birds!  In a few weeks, we will try to introduce them again and see if it goes any better!

Chicken Run:

Rob & Will completed the chicken run and it’s been everything we hoped it would be!  They are completely safe and my garden is completely safe (at least from chickens)!

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