Baking bread

I’ve always loved to bake bread.  At one time, I had accumulated several breadmakers from yard sales and had them all going at once!  About 8 years ago, I started to do it all from scratch (no machine, just hand kneading).  I really loved it!  I quickly got a feel for a dough that was the right consistency and one that needed a little more flour or moisture.

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After about 3 years, my hands started to have severe pain and swelling.  I went to the doctor and they eliminated the possibility of premature arthritis, but he thought perhaps I had ganglion cysts (I had cyst like lumps on my knuckles).  Since then, we had Will’s diagnosis of Ehler’s Danlos, so there is a strong likelihood that my issue stems from the same genetic disorder of the joint tissues.  Either way, I couldn’t make bread by hand any longer, which was very depressing!  I had long since worn out my kitchen aid making bread dough, so I purchased a Bosch.  The new machine makes WAY more dough than my old machine!  I can use a 5# bag of flour and make multiple loaves at the same time!

I love this machine!  I try and bake bread 1-2 times a week, but in the heat of the summer, it is more like only once a week.

Next time, I will post a little of my husband’s family history in the bread industry of Decatur, Illinois and how we incorporate that into our every day lives.

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