Bulk Cooking

I help to organize a local bulk cooking club.  We gather once a month and prepare 6-8 meals.  We choose meals from various sources such as once a month cookbooks, blogs, or family recipes.  We use Facebook to get out the club dates, menus, and information.


I use PepperPlate to store the recipes.  The people participating in the club for the day sign up for how many servings they would like for each meal, I use TypeForm to create a sign up (here is a sample).  Once I know how many total servings for each meal, I go to Pepperplate and scale each recipe to the correct servings and then click “add to my shopping list”.  Pepperplate creates a shopping list that can be organized by recipe or by grocery aisle (super cool!).  We used to take this list and go shop for the ingredients, but when our local store offered online order and pick up we began doing using that service.  It saved us HOURS of shopping! I log in to my MEIJERS grocery store account and place my order according to my pepperplate shopping list.  Here comes the fun MATH part!  Once the order is placed, I add up the cost of the ingredients for each recipe to come up with a total cost per recipe, divide that number by a number of servings per recipe.  I put these base numbers into an excel spreadsheet that I have downloaded from my TypeForm data (it shows how many servings for each family for each meal).  All this to say, we have it calculated the actual cost of each meal for each serving for each family.  We try and keep the cost between $1-$3/serving.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.59.23 PM


My friend, Alice (and Kitchen Host of our club), picks up the food from Meijers, takes it to her house, organizes it, and preps anything that might help for the day.

It typically takes us 2-3 hours to assemble all of the meals, and the time just flies by!  I have stored all of our recipes by the month on a website so that anyone can access the recipes or directions to make a meal, Bulk Cooking Club.

We have been doing this for almost two years and we are still enjoying it!

We usually oscillate between Saturdays & Sundays (to accommodate schedules).  We wear vintage aprons, eat goodies, and drink wine!  It seems to be a different group of women every month, but that makes the group diverse and fun!

If you are local and want to participate, please join our Facebook page and sign up for the next club date!  If you want to start one where you live, contact me and I’d love to help you get started!


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